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Lubeck 46/47

Courtesy of  Tom Johnson

Barker Barracks Paderborn 1961


Barker Barracks, Paderborn during the war when occupied by the Germans. In them you can just make out the German vehicles parked in the tank Park. These pictures were given     to me by the landlord of my private hiring that I lived in at    Bad Lippespringer. He was stationed there during his time in  the German army. Tony Preston

The Guidon Parade 30 June 1961 Paderborn

Paderborn  1961 B Sqn

Back from left to right
Terry Flippence,  Brian Weston,  Bernie Lowther,
Johnny Cobbold.

Lt Hill, Colin Ali Barber, Bernie Winters, Cfn. Moss,
Tony Marlow.

Popeye Hollands


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Photos Below Courtesy of Alan Powney


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Photos Below Courtesy of Alan Herberts  



Munster 1965 / 1969

If the person who sent these photo's could tell me who the people are and where they were taken
and a short narrative that would be very helpful.

from left to right ???????



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