ADEN 1964 - 65

Facts & Figures

The Regiment's 4 Main Locations some over a 1000 miles apart approx as the crow fly's. From top to bottom: Sharjah, Muscat & Oman Salalah, Aden

The Regiment was made up of  3 Sabre Squadrons & 1 HQ, (Sabre=Fighting)     A, B, C & HQ       The Sabre SQN's each had 5 Sabre Troops 1 SHQ & 1 REME attachment.

Each Sabre troop Normally consisted of 2 Ferrets & 2 Saladins .

Distances: From Aden Miles Approx

Thumier Dhala Beihan Salalah Sharjah Lands End
70 110 200 640 1,300 4,607

The Regiment served in the Middle east for about 14 months, The advance party elements of C Squadron arrived in Sharjah on the 4th of August 1964. The Regiment departed 30th September 1965. Each Sabre Sqn served in the 4 main areas see map, with up to 15 different Sabre troop position. Which meant each troop was on its own scattered far and wide. I did hear on several occasions the troops mentioning how Wonderful life was away from RHQ.  In the Main we supported our own Infantry positions and also The Federal Regular Army. (FRA) We also regularly escorted Supply convoys from the end of the tarmac road in Aden to up country locations. We were all fired upon, and returned fire on several occasions. During our tour of duty  Several vehicles  were Mined with only one fatality.

Left: The medal issued for the Campaign.

Vehicles Mined during the Regiments Tour of Duty  in Aden

Sqn Saladins Ferrets Land Rovers  3 Ton Trucks Water Bowser Scammels
A 2         1
C 1 12        

HQ Squadron Details

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A Squadron Details
B Squadron Details

C Squadron Details

In response to Ron's request about the mining of the ferret. Knobby Clarke was the driver and Ian Scottie Scott the lieutenant leading a convoy on Sunday 24th April  1965. The convoy was attacked by dissident tribesmen and the lead Ferret took the hit. Sadly Scottie was killed.  The incident took place between Thumier and Dhala. I was the fitter on the convoy. I believe that Sgt Hobday lead the team that recovered the body of Scottie. 

Alan Hayes ex  Cfn.  XRH C Squadron LAD

1st Ferret was Charlie Preece in Salalah. Ferret no 12 was Mr Scott. When C Squadron was in the Aden area 4 troops had four Ferrets with just one troop based up at Dhala with 1 Saladin. This Saladins commander was Dan Beadle's the only Sgt in C Squadron to hit a mine. There was one Saladin based at Thumier Camp under the control of SHQ but to the best of my knowledge never went out on any convoy duties. All troops lost in a 4 month period at leased two ferrets each. Alan Hunt being greedy got blown up 3 times. All the Sgts in the squadron deep down were hoping to hit a mine as at the time it was just the Cpls and L/cpls hitting them. I suspect down at RHQ they may of wondered why just the Cpl's When Dan Beadle a Sgt hit his mine the Sgts breathed a sigh of relief.                                                                                                                                                              Courtesy of David Hodge 4th troop   


Little Aden

This is  the main BP refinery in Little Aden which was one of the reason we were there to protect British Interest.

Below is Ferret from "B" Sqn. on Internal Security duties on the perimeter of BP's base. Sgt. Jeff Riley 3rd Trp. 

Regimental Headquarters Falaise Camp

 Ferret from "B" Sqn. on Internal Security duties on the perimeter of BP's base. Sgt. Jeff Riley 3rd Troop

Falaise Camp "B" Sqn Lines

The Globe Cinema

The old Latrines before the new  blocks were finished.                      


Up Country Locations

This is one of the surprises waiting for us on Convoy Escort Duties. ( British Mk7 Mine ? )

There was a mine run done early every morning on the day of a convoy by the FRA Federal Regular Army. Sometimes  they found one other times they we weren't so lucky the picture of the crater on the right in which the FRA soldier is standing was caused by a mine which actually took out one of their own 3 ton Lorries. The cater is about 2 feet deep by about 3 feet across


Thumier Radfan

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Click Picture for larger imageThumier Camp in the Radfan mountains Where ......... "The Red Wolves" were doing their best to harass us plant the odd mine and fire a few shots and then vanish.

Click Picture for larger imageThere were several occasions when the Red Wolves came in contact with the Red Devils and got their butts kicked.

Click Picture for larger imageTop : Pete Hill & Lt. LG  Center : Speedy Ross and SHQ command  Saracen fitted with Comms Equipt. Bottom : Blondie Roberts checking his ammo.

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Click Picture for larger image Left the mined ferret that Allen Hunt commanded, I (Trevor Rogerson) was the driver of the vehicle. We where lead vehicle on convoy run from Thumier to Dhala and we where on the return journey back to Thumier. this incident happened about 2 to 3 days prior to the incident that killed Mr Scott.
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Top:Bev,?, Mick,?,John Mulley Above Gordon Clifton,?,?, Mick Wadhams, 45 Commandos Top: Bob Mckay & Bev Doughty } Above Pete Hill


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courtesy of Bob Henry  ACC   

 Ayn Camp the Saladin leaving to drive up and down the runway (The Mine Run) to allow the Beverly to land.

Ayn Camp

REME Workshop

RHA  105 Howitzer

Aden Airways Dakota


A Sioux the MASH chopper



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courtesy of Dave Robson  

4,5,6 & 7 The result of the first rain for 14 years                                                            

   Popeye Holland

Photos courtesy of Dave Quigley   


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Sharjah 1964/65


SQN 4th troop:

   Jock Guthrie   

Speedy Ross    Pete Hill

                  Fango Fenn      Speedy Ross  Tim Shepherd        Jock Guthrie

The General talking to Tpr. Gibbs



Salalah 1964/65

Photos courtesy of Peter Hill

Photos courtesy of Dave Quigley


Mined Ferrets courtesy of Jim Milsom

The last Parade Falaise Camp Little Aden

Members Photos

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Courtesy of  Ken Lucas

Courtesy Popeye Hollands as himself

Left Beihan above Salalah




Dhala Pass


Thumier Radfan

Peter Hill


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Photos courtesy of Peter Hill


5th Troop B Sqn

Tony Preston  

Tony Preston   


Tony Preston   

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